Start Planning Your Party at Brunswick Zone Carolier Bowl


Are you ready to party?!

Spend some quality time with your co-workers and get a friendly competition going. Whether you win a stuffed animal for the office or become the office billiard champion, Brunswick Zone is the sure way to have an awesome time together. Talk in between turns and cheer each other on as you bowl. Make up silly nicknames for each other on the scoreboard to create an inside joke that will make its way back to the office.


Let us host your child’s fun-filled birthday party that’s sure to earn them high-fives throughout the whole year. With our customizable options, we have choices that’ll suit everyone. When it comes to your child and their friends having fun, we’re in the same lane! We make it easy to plan with our hassle-free online booking tool. Sit back, relax, and let us bowl you away with lots of birthday fun!


Tired of cramming into the same old, dark corner bar? Whether you’re opting for bowling, billiards or the arcade (mix and match accordingly), change up your evenings and go where there’s something fun for everyone. Try a ‘guys versus gals’ night to win bragging rights and have the losers buy the next round of drinks. Opt to bowl a la glow in the dark style for some epic Instagram pics. Warning: you may have so much fun that it could become a regular ritual!

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